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meet the richters
Hello! I'm Katlyn, the author of this blog. However, I cannot say I provide the content, as that typically comes from the rest of my crew - they're easy to write and brag about. Here, on our blog you'll find a lot about Grace and Annie, a little about Cody and I, my gripings about Cody's dog, and a splash of what not and craziness.

My dear hubs Cody helps keep me grounded and on the straight track. Without him, who knows where I would be. I am proud of where the last few years have taken us. I have two beautiful girls, a   hubby who adores me, and a job that I love.

I love things and projects that streamline organization and I love a clean home. But I can only take credit for the organized part. The rest is mostly my hubby. I like to say that our home is basically a collection of "junk" that we've tried to re-purpose. I love antiques, flea markets and thrift store finds from my momma. I love all things for fall apparel - boots, cardigans (grey are the best), scarves, junky-chunky jewelry, and hats. I have a weakness for popcorn and icecream (especially from Zesto).

While I used to call Minnesota home, I now know that South Dakota is the best place for my family and I. We really enjoy this beautiful state and I'm privileged that my job revolves around telling the South Dakota story to people across the United States.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and there is a solution to every problem. I like to remember that life can be simple, hard, and most of all, amazing. Life is great!

Annie Kate is the newbie around the house! Annie completed our little family. Initially we thought this "Little One" would be our laid back one who would just go with the flow. While she was the best baby, she's sure given us a run for our money since we grew out of baby stage. She loves to get feisty with her sister, get her way, and be obnoxious. She knows how to make her presence known and isn't going to be shying away from anything! She thinks she is a lot older than she is (like another little blondie in our house) and is constantly impressing us with her smartness and cuteness. We cannot wait to see this little personality explode! 

This one is our instigator and tester. She's always testing the limits and exploring the boundaries. She isn't scared to explore on her own, but she's quick to Mom's side when there are new people around to visit with. She loves suckers, peach oatmeal, coleslaw, and peppermints.

She has already taught our family so much. She's allowed Grace to be the greatest big sister, and let me see my husband be the father to a baby once again - which is priceless. We're so happy to have this extra spunk in our lives. 

This is my hubby Cody, and his pup Remington. It'd be like pulling teeth to get him to write a bit about himself on here, so I'll take my best stab. He grew up here in Pierre, and cannot get enough of hunting. Him and his ever-energized pal Remi have a great time with friends and family in the fields of South Dakota huntin' up the roosters. Deer hunting has become a new favorite, let's just say my freezer is stocked full of game.

Other things he enjoys include all things sports, especially golfing in the summer months. Grace has taken to love golfing with her Dad and his buddies, a great past time for the two of them together. He enjoys following professional and college level sports and teaches Grace the cheer: "Go Pack, Go!" He's the happiest when he's at home with his girls watching sportscenter (he always tries hard at the last part, Sleeping Beauty or Shrek always find a way to be played instead of sports).

He tends to the lawn, provides "fix-it" around the house, and is the man who makes all the cleaning (and laundry) happen in our adobe - ya, he's awesome, be jealous girls. He's the best father to our adorable little girls and I constantly have cheerful butterflies in my tummy watching the three of them interact with each other.

This girl. The reason I started this blog. This little princess loves to be the shining star of the show. Grace is an energetic, outgoing, smart and beautiful little girl who changed our lives. Each day she teaches us a new lesson - I think she's still trying to teach me patience, or the other way around.

She loves to dance, sing, color, enjoys funny movies and could talk your ear off for hours. Seriously, the girl NEVER stops talking. She eats all her veggies and loves fruit and would have primerib (or mac&cheese) for every meal. She is a little spit-fire, firecracker who never stops moving, doing, being and playing. I love that about her. She is quick witted like her father and sweet & sassy like her mother. An interesting combination.

While Cody and I wish that we could pause each phase of her life, we cannot wait to see where her life takes her. We know that God has good things planned for this Blondie!
She loves all four of her grandparents and is always anxious to spend more time with them. She's blessed with a great crew of extended family who are so caring and good to her. She's quick to make friends, and great at keeping them with her compassionate personality.