Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Grace Found the Magic"

Back in early 2015, okay, think way early like maybe even January 1st, 2015 we were out in Spearfish visiting Cody's family (probably for our Christmas with them) and "Wiggle" Grandma Michele took Grace out for some winter fun and photos. She even armed her with a camera so that she could take pictures herself.

Michele got some really great photos of Grace that day. And Grace took some cool ones too. Before I forgot about these images I wanted to make sure to share!

All of them were taken by Michele, M Richter Photos, she has a great collections of photos on her Facebook page too.

I love lots of things about these photos, but mostly these things:
1. they totally capture grace's personality
2. Michele titled them "Grace Found the Magic" and she totally did, I can see it in her face
3. Grace was so excited to be introduced to photography from Michele while out and about and Grace got to capture some of her own images
4. there is a certain sweetness and innocence preserved here that I just adore

THANKS Michele for sharing these!

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