Sunday, December 20, 2015

Annie's 3rd Birthday

Annie wanted nothing more than to go to a zoo for her birthday. I may have been an awful Momma and was gone for her birthday on a combo work/personal trip to Oregon for her actual birthday. Luckily she was none the wiser and we simply celebrated her birthday a day late. I made Cody double pinky promise not to tell her it was her birthday until I got home!

So, Sioux Falls it was for Annie's birthday. We went to Thunderroad and did Go-Kart riding, bumper boats, and other rides and topped our evening with icecream. 

See Annie? She's practicing being 3 figuring out her hands and fingers!!

The next morning we went to The Great Plains Zoo for the Annie's birthday dream! My friends at the zoo had an awesome surprise waiting for us when we got there - tickets for the carousel, a fun monkey, and tickets to feed the giraffe that afternoon! She was estacic about the monkey. I mean seriously went BANANAS. I had told my friend that all she was asking for for a gift was a monkey that she could buy and take home - she thought this might did, for a little while at least.

showing her monkey to the real monkeys

It was so fun to watch her learn about all of these animals. She's been to zoos a few times before, but this is the first trip she really, really enjoyed herself and could learn more about the animals alongside us. Looks like there will be lots of zoo trips in our future with this little animal lover.

Figures that we could find Poppa teasing the goats. 

Annie wasn't too sure about feeding the goats. She first liked them, then didn't like them, then they weren't so bad. And of course as soon as she REALLY wanted to try feeding them there wasn't a greedy goat who wasn't being stubborn. 

And who doesn't cap their birthday zoo experience with feeding the giraffes?! Wow were we lucky to do this. Annie was pretty excited about it at first...however, as soon as that HUGE (and I mean HUGE!!) tongue came out of it's mouth she was pretty reluctant to want to feed them! But she did think it was hilarious and laughed the entire time.

Two things I love about this photo. 
1. Annie's hand completely behind her back - there was NO way she was feeding it
2. The size of that tongue and how it's curled around! Hilarious!

All in all I think Little One had a GREAT third birthday.

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