Saturday, September 5, 2015

Annie Turns 3!


My goodness. Where does time go? Annie turned three on August 29th. Since my mom and I were traveling home from Oregon late on the 29th, Cody and I made a deal that we wouldn't celebrate Annie's birthday until the 30th. So, this year, she turned three on August 30th. How is that for being a manipulative mom? Nonetheless, she didn't know the difference (probably the last year I could get away with something like that, so like the wonderful mother I am, I milked it).

With feelings of guilt for doing so, I contacted my wonderful friends at the Great Plains Zoo. All Annie wanted in the world for her birthday was to buy a monkey. Well, GPZoo (and I) were not up for that challenge, no matter how much she would have been delighted. Instead, we arranged a giraffe feeding at the zoo. Wow! What an experience. Their heads are enormous, their tongues can be 18 inches long, and their mouths are the softest, most velvety feeling ever!



Sweet Annie, happy birthday to you. I hope your year is filled with delights, happiness, loads of laughter and learning. You have brought a great joy to our family. You're teaching me more patience (well, trying to's a hard sell with me) and to open my heart to new heights of love. You my dear, are bound for greatness. May all of your wishes come true (except of course that one major wish of yours to own a monkey...that will never come true, just sayin'.).
I love you more and more, every day.

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