Thursday, August 20, 2015

Paint Party!

It's official. Grace's 8th birthday is finally wrapped up and tied with a bow...and splattered with paint. 

Last weekend we (finally) hosted Grace's 8th birthday party with friends. She had already celebrate with all of her grandparents and great-grandma and grandpa. But, to an elementary aged kid, what's turning another year older without the fun of a friend party? Nearly one month later, we gathered some of her besties in the park and hosted a party. It was a PAINTING in the PARK PARTY with POPSICLES and POPCORN. Oh, and PRETTY cake and watermelon too. 

I bought some canvas pieces for the kids, paint brushes, and a design from a company that I just traced on the owl design onto each canvas. Then we just went through step by step mixing colors, taking sections at a time painting! It was a blast, and best of all the kids were super entertained. ACTUALLY, scratch that, the best part was I did this in the park so my house wasn't messed up and we came home to a clean house at the end of the party. 

The kids painted, we opened presents, and then they ran around and played. Genius. I am giving myself SOME props here considering it was a month late, many of the supplies didn't come on time so I ran around town after traveling for a week in Indiana, and I did little to no pre-planning for this!

Yup - a friend smashed her face into her cake. Perfect!

Little Sister had a blast painting too. (dont be surprised if you see a similar game plan for her birthday party coming up too! :) )

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