Friday, July 17, 2015

Crow Peak - Easter

Catching up here a bit. I just blogged about this hike for work, so now it's fresh in my mind. But this dates back to Easter this year. Cody's dad (our guide!), Cody, our brother-in-law, and I went for a hike that is basically in Kevin and Michele's backdoor. What a blessing to have these adventures so close. We were glad to take advantage of it while we were there. 

It was a perfect spring day for a hike. The weather was cool enough, there wasn't any snow on the ground (there was a bit at the summit) and we could layer clothing. That's just the way I like it. We took a short drive out of Spearfish and soon enough found our trail head. There were plenty of other cars in the parking lot.

The crunch of the forest, the sound of the wind moving through the forest, the smell of the trees, and the cool, fresh air. The senses of a hike that get me going. The time with family and friends, the peace and quiet and opportunity to reflect, the goal of the top. The reasons I love a hike.

The hike is a rated at a difficult hike and gets your blood pumping as you climb to the top. The hike is about 7 miles round trip. A 3.5 mile climb allows for a steady climb, but there were points we certainly were ascending quickly. There is also an area of a rock slide where we had to tread fairly carefully. 

At the top! Elevation at the top is 5,760 feet. We did it! From here we have a great view of the town of Spearfish, Bear Butte, and the plains to the north.

The boys up ahead on our way down. It was a great adventure with my husband and our family. It felt so good to get out and explore the outdoors and burn some calories before Easter dinner! 

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