Friday, June 26, 2015

Red Light Green Light

This year, Blondie had two costumes! First time for this little girl having to switch costumes back stage. This involves more than most would think. It's changing hair, it is adding a hat, it's making sure all of the miscellaneous pieces from each costume are kept together for three performances over two days. A LOT!

Her ballet song was "Red Light Green Light," and the girls were divided into two different colored costumes each of which had their own parts throughout the performance. Certainly something interesting for the girls, perhaps a new challenge for them, and was fun for the audience. There are several different perspectives as I was in attendance at all three performances! Once in the audience near the stage, once behind stage, and once in the balcony!

Grace and her friend, classmate and neighborhood friend Emma!

Beautiful girls! Caiyah is a great friend of Grace's - they are in different dance groups so it's always fun to see their costumes next to one another.

Grace and Jessika - isn't this "nerd" outfit fun?

This song was a fun one to watch. The girls separated into these two circles, most of which involved some tushie shaking. I know that my daughter has the hip-pop tushie shaking down for sure! They all looked so cute doing this together. Pretty soon, I'm sure that I won't be allowed to say "tushie" or "cute" and I especially won't be allowed to use them together. She's getting too old too fast! Soon she'll be our pretty lady instead of our cute button!

The above photo is one of my favorite from the whole weekend. I may not be a "dance mom" and I may not know all the secrets of the dance life, but I do know one thing. This girl loves being on stage. The happy look she has in this photo makes the long season 100% worth it, the memories she made behind stage with her friends all dolled up are lifelong, and the fun loving - encouraging spirit dance teaches these girls is irreplaceable.

I received several texts from friends throughout the performance that commented on just how smiley our girl was up there. It's evident she loves this and her bright personality shined brilliantly from the stage!

And lastly, here's a video from this performance taken from the balcony on the final night:

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