Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dance Recital Prep

Every dance mom knows what I'm talking about. The wild preparations before the first night of dance recital. It doesn't matter that this is now our fourth year of dance - make up and hair are always a challenge. But sigh - my girl is getting older and this year she had much more to do with applying her makeup, hair style choice, and she can get dressed in her get-up completely on her own. (Oh, and many more opinions regarding how good, or in my case bad, of a job I did.)

We had fun prepping with friends again this year. Thanks to Tasha for hosting! It was a moms, grandmas, and girls kind of prep. Complete with pizza and a few drinks for the Momma's. Hey - whatever makes this fun for EVERYONE, I can get behind. The whole process can be quite stressful! 

Grace and Melania

Birthday buddies Nick and Grace. And YES - we forced them to take this photo - there were lots of rebellious comments thrown back at me so I'm surprised the photo turned out! 

Dance girls! 

These girls have spirits that are filled with sass, hearts that are filled with love, faces filled with beauty, and kindness that spreads for miles. They are the best kind of friends that you can have around and I'm so glad we are a part of this crew! I adore how their costumes all are so different this year - makes for some super fun photos.

More dance pictures to come!

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