Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Paint the Day Away

Outfit number two was t-shirt splattered with paint and black leggings! This was their tap dance to "Paint the Day Away." It turned out quite cute!!

I made her do a few photos before we left for the Saturday night performance. While it's a super long weekend filled with lots of fast-food, snacks, little sleep, and no energy, it does go by quite quickly. It's amazing to be she's been doing it for four years already. Stop growing beautiful girl.

Grace and Gracelyn

All lined up backstage. They are all in order, so us OCD dance moms make them keep their taps off (too tappy!) and sit in line like they are kindergartners while they wait. It's just too much work to get them all in order again! Dance Moms know what I'm talking about!

Whew! That was a whole lot of photos for dance recital! Now, I'm still tasking myself with going through the dozens upon dozens of photos of children of my girlfriends and sending them their way. Hopefully they don't mind if they are a month or two late!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Red Light Green Light

This year, Blondie had two costumes! First time for this little girl having to switch costumes back stage. This involves more than most would think. It's changing hair, it is adding a hat, it's making sure all of the miscellaneous pieces from each costume are kept together for three performances over two days. A LOT!

Her ballet song was "Red Light Green Light," and the girls were divided into two different colored costumes each of which had their own parts throughout the performance. Certainly something interesting for the girls, perhaps a new challenge for them, and was fun for the audience. There are several different perspectives as I was in attendance at all three performances! Once in the audience near the stage, once behind stage, and once in the balcony!

Grace and her friend, classmate and neighborhood friend Emma!

Beautiful girls! Caiyah is a great friend of Grace's - they are in different dance groups so it's always fun to see their costumes next to one another.

Grace and Jessika - isn't this "nerd" outfit fun?

This song was a fun one to watch. The girls separated into these two circles, most of which involved some tushie shaking. I know that my daughter has the hip-pop tushie shaking down for sure! They all looked so cute doing this together. Pretty soon, I'm sure that I won't be allowed to say "tushie" or "cute" and I especially won't be allowed to use them together. She's getting too old too fast! Soon she'll be our pretty lady instead of our cute button!

The above photo is one of my favorite from the whole weekend. I may not be a "dance mom" and I may not know all the secrets of the dance life, but I do know one thing. This girl loves being on stage. The happy look she has in this photo makes the long season 100% worth it, the memories she made behind stage with her friends all dolled up are lifelong, and the fun loving - encouraging spirit dance teaches these girls is irreplaceable.

I received several texts from friends throughout the performance that commented on just how smiley our girl was up there. It's evident she loves this and her bright personality shined brilliantly from the stage!

And lastly, here's a video from this performance taken from the balcony on the final night:

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dance Recital Prep

Every dance mom knows what I'm talking about. The wild preparations before the first night of dance recital. It doesn't matter that this is now our fourth year of dance - make up and hair are always a challenge. But sigh - my girl is getting older and this year she had much more to do with applying her makeup, hair style choice, and she can get dressed in her get-up completely on her own. (Oh, and many more opinions regarding how good, or in my case bad, of a job I did.)

We had fun prepping with friends again this year. Thanks to Tasha for hosting! It was a moms, grandmas, and girls kind of prep. Complete with pizza and a few drinks for the Momma's. Hey - whatever makes this fun for EVERYONE, I can get behind. The whole process can be quite stressful! 

Grace and Melania

Birthday buddies Nick and Grace. And YES - we forced them to take this photo - there were lots of rebellious comments thrown back at me so I'm surprised the photo turned out! 

Dance girls! 

These girls have spirits that are filled with sass, hearts that are filled with love, faces filled with beauty, and kindness that spreads for miles. They are the best kind of friends that you can have around and I'm so glad we are a part of this crew! I adore how their costumes all are so different this year - makes for some super fun photos.

More dance pictures to come!