Thursday, May 14, 2015

I've Been Away

I've been away. A lot. I've been physically away in other towns and states. I've been away in my mind from the little touches of things I like to do but have regrettably neglected lately. I've been away from my housekeeping. I've been away from visiting neighbors and friends.

I've been away from the blog as I prioritize at home and make the most of every moment with the littles. I've been away from the blog while I soak up time visiting with my husband on the sofa at night after our little people are sleeping. We've been snuggling and catching up on our favorite shows together, I've been taking naps from 8-9 p.m. before going to bed (he likes this time the best so he has complete control of the remote), I've had my nose in a textbook studying up for class, or my eyes glued to a computer finishing up a paper or catching up on bits of work.

I've been away.

I've been all over the place lately, Minneapolis, several trips to the Black Hills, Chicago, Kansas City, and Sioux Falls.

But I'm going to try to be better at being completely 100% home when I'm home, By putting away work, by stopping by and visiting with old neighbors, by journaling more, but taking the time for the little things. By stopping and slowing down and baking cookies together.

I'm going to try to be back to blogging, a little more, probably not 100%. But I miss the little things that I post on here that I can go back and read later. I've been slacking on my hand written journals unfortunately and slacking here too. But I don't want to forget little moments, small imperfect photos, but ones that make me smile. I want to be able to look through my files later and remember. Because life just moves too fast.

But then there are times like this when we really slow it down. We drag laundry baskets and boxes into the living room and set up camp and watch shows on a Saturday morning. That makes people happy.

Hopefully you'll be hearing a little more from me coming up. Maybe just pictures. Because I know what the grandparents and aunts and great aunts really want is the pictures. Of course, Instagram is my pocket sized blog that I update frequently so that's available too.

Here's where I'm headed next. Catch me in Minnesota, the Black Hills, Sioux Falls, Indiana, New York, and Portland/Seattle in the coming months. Oh, and hopefully I'll have some time on the beach in Pierre this summer too.

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