Monday, May 18, 2015

Game Face On

It's summer(??) supposedly. In South Dakota the week before last we had a blizzard, thunderstorm, and tornado all in one day. Nuts. Later week, we received some much needed, long prayed for rain. This week, sounds cold and dreary too. It's messin' with my little girl's softball mojo.

Last Thursday night was her first game. They haven't practiced in a week+ so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Turns out - these girls did pretty awesome! They were throwing, catching, and hitting like little champion 6/7/8 year old girls who are in their first season! :) Doesn't sound like it's saying much about their skills, but I was pleasantly surprised.

One thing I adore about this group of girls at this age is that they are having a blast out there. They aren't yet keeping score, (formally...there is a lot of estimating and whispering about score keeping in the dugout!) everyone gets good opportunities to play each position, lots of at bats, and plenty of giggles! That night, they called themselves the "Pink Diamonds." We'll see how many times that name gets changed over the course of the season. 

Thursday night folks! You can see her out on the field Thursday's in May and June this summer. I'm sure we'll have some grandparent and great-grandparent guests cheering her on, and she's going to love it!

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