Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It was a trip I had been planning, counting on, and looking forward to for months. MONTHS. My friend and co-worker and I purchased tickets to the Maroon 5 concert in Kansas City back in September for March show and couldn't wait to see Adam Levine live on stage and singing. And we also couldn't wait to sing our hearts out to him either.

The day finally came. I've been to Kansas City a few times (and love the city by the way), so knew it was a haul down there. Wowza, reconfirmed, yup, it's a haul down there. A few pee stops, lunch, a stop for Sonic Strawberry Limeaid (hence the pee stops), a stop at a boutique, 9 hours, and several dozen Maroon 5 songs played on the radio later, we made it.

Saturday we hung out Kansas City style on the plaza. We shopped and dined on the best BBQ around and jammed out to more Maroon 5 while getting ready. Finally. The moment had come. Time to head to see my favorite.

I'll spare you the dozens of photos and videos with me screaming out the songs in the background and just share a few with you. Basically, we had the best time.

Below might be the best shot of the whole night. (Sorry Dad, Grandma and Grandpa...oh Cody too!...wait totally not sorry)