Friday, February 20, 2015

Little Readers

Our world has been crazy lately. Hectic. Unpredictable. On the go. But filled with so many moments of joy. Memories. And little changes to stop, pause, and enjoy life. One of those moments came last night. We are hosting company this weekend, so in the hustle and bustle of the grocery store, supper, homework and baths, we were running around quite a bit last evening.

However, our bedtime routines are something I most always keep the same. We bath. We snuggle on the sofa. We read. We tuck in. And last night, though my mind was racing, I paused when I saw something beautiful. My two sweet littles, each in their own bed, each enjoying a hobby. Reading. Then I noticed they were in practically the same position reading their book. Silly blondies.

I need to continue to remind myself to stop and enjoy these little things before these two grow up on me!

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