Monday, January 5, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Though I haven't been checking here often, know that life keeps on turning on the home front. I have been busy with my masters classes, keeping up on work when I'm not traveling to New York City, Las Vegas and lots of places in between, and trying to keep things around home going. Cody has been working some very long, strange, and cold hours lately, so we're just trying to keep our wheels moving.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas filled with many blessings, lots of family time, and fun special memories. We were in Minnesota for an extended stay due to a family funeral and a run in with a deer that kept the girls grounded in Marshall for several days. Cody went back and forth with my Dad's truck for work, but we decided to stay snuggled up and make Christmas goodies and watch movies. I am so glad we chose to stay instead of driving back and forth - Grace missed her school Christmas party and program and 4 total days of school, but it was a relaxing time that we all needed. This last weekend we were able to get out to Spearfish to see some of Cody's family - we had fun playing games and snuggling on the sofa.

I am hoping you were all able to see lots of loved ones as well. Here's the Christmas photos of the littles:

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