Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Life Happens

Wow, does life ever happen.

I haven't been on here since July. I have thought about posting something simple, something long and journal like, just photos, and a thousand things in between hundreds (literally) of times. However, life just happens. The last two months have been so busy for us, the blog was the one thing that I knew I could neglect without repercussions. Sure the family might get a little antsy for photos of the girls and want to know what's going on in life, but the ones who love to read the blog, are the ones who knew how hectic life has been. And guess what, no one complained. There wasn't a timeline I needed to meet, or tens or hundreds of people relying on me getting something done here. That's what I love about this space.

So, I'm welcoming myself back. And I have lots of good things I want to catch up on. There are too many pictures from the end of summer that I just have to share on here. Mostly for me. So I can look back and remember that despite all of the craziness, we really did have a great time and there were lots of smiles to share. So hold tight with me while I catch up. Again. Those who have been reading longer than others have done this before, and we all survive. Mostly because you can skip the posts, or skim for pictures, and I share what I want when I want! :)

For now, we brought the girls to skip around a state park just on the outside of town over the weekend. Here's a couple I thought I'd share for now.

I'll look forward to slowly catching up and trying to stay current. It's all a balancing act.

Love to you all.

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