Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's Not Always Rainbows and Unicorns

This post is proof. Proof that not all photo sessions with children involved are rainbows and unicorns. However, this time, I was lucky enough to be having a great time outside with the kids, and just tried to see if they would cooperate with the camera. Since they didn't, and I wasn't in real need of any speciail picture, we made the best of it and carried on having a good time anyway.

Last weekend just the girls and I drove home to Minnesota - it was the weekend of the annual Bierman Family Gathering. We stayed in Marshall on Friday night and then left in the morning on Saturday to head to Jeffers, to my Aunt and Uncles house. It was the place my Dad grew up in, and there were a lot of memories of the farm for everyone that included Grandma. Saturday night we stayed pretty late at the farm, but still drove back to Marshall so we could attend church and get back to South Dakota at a decent time.

The following photos are the efforts of me trying to grab a couple photos of the kids accompanied by the normal happenings at my parents house when we're there. Kitties. Gator rides. And more of the same! :)

Individually they did pretty well, generally when I tried to stick them together (disrupting their personal business) they didn't do so well!

I had them on the tree that I have many memories of. This was my space. My place where I would hang out by myself and read a book. I'm sure I'd talk to myself since I was an only child. I would hang out with friends here. Hayley and I created art out here. And I tested my balance skills with how far out I could climb on a limb that basically grew straight out 10 feet about 5 feet off the ground - a built in balance beam! Dad has since cut that limb down to aid in mowing abilities, but there is a similar one that is much thicker and great for the girls!!

Seriously, Annie?!

And gator rides. The kids love it! What an easy way to make them smile (and scream if Poppa is driving them down the ditch!)....Nana screams too!

The house that built me! My parent's have given this place so much time and energy to make it what it is!
And finally, the cats. I tried getting Annie to think taking a picture on the rock still was a cool thing. Wasn't happy unless there was a cat in the picture, and then when the cat was in the picture that just created chaos. Can't win!

(outtake! poor kitty!)

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