Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grace is 7!

My first baby. My blondie. My girl with the sassy attitude, but a kind and tender heart. She's a friend. A sister. A daughter. And a granddaughter. She's a student. A teacher. She's our G.

Grace turned 7 today! We love celebrating her birthday in the summer, it always means lots of beach days and BBQs! We spent the whole weekend at the beach, Grace and I ran in the 5K color run, we had a BBQ at the Bothuns on Sunday, a cookout at the Larson's on Friday, and Saturday we ordered pizza and watched a movie after the beach! So much fun!

Today, we celebrated bright and early at Perkin's for the Annual Birthday Breakfast! As I've mentioned before, Nick and Grace share a birthday, just a year apart. I love this tradition that we have, and the kids do too. It will be fun to watch them grow and see how their friendship develops. I told them this morning we'll be doing this until they old - in their 30s!

Look at how they've grown!

Tasha and Anni

Annie was taking care of the check with Daddy!

I'll be back soon with the remainder of our birthday festivities! We went to supper with Great Grands at Guads, Grace went to the Discovery Center with Daddy, and today we're heading to the new waterpark in Huron with Grace's friends! It's a great week!

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