Friday, July 18, 2014

Bierman Weekend cont.

Oh sweet summer. You've been so good to us so far. We are almost done with July, can't believe it! That means my sweet littles will be turning another year older soon!

I haven't gotten around to updating the blog in awhile...sorry, we've been soaking up the sun with friends at the beach. So, I'm back again with the final update from the Bierman Family Reunion weekend from June. I don't get to see my extended family as much as I would like to, being the only ones in South Dakota makes it hard!!! The rest of the crew is all in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

As I mentioned before, just the girls and I were able to make it and we drove over to Mom and Dad's on Friday night and then met up with the rest of the Bierman crew on Saturday morning. We had a great day at the farm, and lots of fun with cousins. I remember making many, many memories with my cousins on these very grounds. It was fun for me to watch my children make memories with their second cousins in the same places, and amazing to make new memories with my cousins as adults in the same place we did as kids.

To start things off right, Grace picked some strawberries from Aunt Joan's patch. I will always remember all the delightful things my Grandma made with her garden produce. There was never a shortage of produce, she could feed the entire county I think!

Poppa and his girls

and Chad and Grandpa

Grace and Elyse spent much of the day playing together - and Evie was always trying to catch up. Grace and Elyse set up a shop in the barn and were selling us all kinds of goodies! They had a ball playing "shop" together. 
The girls had a blast hanging out with each other, and of course, loved ranger rides from Chase and whomever else they could convince to take them for a spin!

Grace and Char playing ladder golf together!

 And it's not a Bierman Family Reunion Weekend unless there is clay shooting involved! We tend to get a little (okay, a lot) competitive with each other. Callie took some of the boys out right away in clays, and I may have been getting a little overly confident in bean bags!

It was also fun to have some extended family around too! Some of Dad's cousins and Aunt's and Uncle's showed up! Everyone had a great time relaxing and visiting with one another. We don't all get together but once or twice a year, so there is lots to share!

It was the perfect day to play some bean bags! With a drink in hand and kids throwing water balloons at you, there isn't much to beat it!

Ms. Lyndi was kind enough (ahem!) to bring a water balloon filler, and boy did Grace and Elyse have fun with it! They found me, Chad, Chase, and a few others as targets that would play along with was a blast! They recruited grown-up (and wanna be grownups, like Nate) to help them fill!

Eventually, Karl got involved as the most sought after target. And let's just say he got WET!!! And I mean head to toe drenched! Thanks for playing along Karl!

Bierman gatherings are not complete with cards too - plenty of competitive spirit in this category also!

The evening wrapped with with glowsticks, cards, and a great presentation of slide photos from back when my Dad was just a baby! Fun to see some of those old photos.

As always, it was a great, beautiful weekend. Thanks to the cousins and aunts and uncles for always making me smile, laugh, pray, and remember where my roots lie. You are all wonderfully kind people who I miss very much! 
**by the way, thank you cousin Emily for sharing some of your photos with me to use!

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