Monday, June 23, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

Alright people. Overload of Grace pictures coming at you. Feel free to scroll quickly if you aren't a grandparent, great grandparent, aunt or BFF of mine. :) The rest of you may get bored. 

I just cannot believe how grown up and beautiful she looks. She's such a good dancer, friend, daughter, and sister. She's smart, beautiful, friendly, caring, compassionate, considered about others, and has the bubbliest attitude. She makes me proud!

Her excitement for her sister who didn't get to be on stage this year was sweet. We paraded around the house in Grace's old costumes to have her feel included!

Before we knew it, Grace took her robe off to take pictures and Annie put it on! The chase was on!!! 

Obviously, as you can see here, Annie won the robe battle!

And all of her friends...

And our wonderful daycare provider Lynette (above) and the clan of girls from daycare (below). Two more girls will be old enough to join next year! A sweet bunch of girls.

And our sweet Jacey graduated this year. She gave Grace an awesome picture of the two of them last year at recital! Hopefully she comes back to watch the girls next year!

She loves the stage!!!

As always, it was a fun weekend of hanging out with friends and performing. We had a blast! Now we just have to go through September until May or June next year for another round of fun!

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