Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Color Run

Grace's first ever race. My first color run. The first run of it's kind in Pierre. We had to do it. Hundreds of people turned up in their white, sunglasses, and/or matching outfits to run in the Color Run. For those unfamiliar with a Color Run, it's a run where there several stations that throw powdered color at you while you are on your way. That's why you wear white t-shirts and sunglasses. By the end of it, you're covered in color and you need to protect your eyeballs!

Here's Blondie and I before the race. 

And our whole crew before...

Grace did a pretty decent job. This was a 5K run, and we did a combo of run and walk. For her first race and wearing last school year's tennies, I was pretty impressed. 

And here's our people afterward. Color. Run.

This is the crew from my work that ran "together." We didn't necessarily run together the whole time, but it was fun to have these colleagues around to banter with. 

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