Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Color Run

Grace's first ever race. My first color run. The first run of it's kind in Pierre. We had to do it. Hundreds of people turned up in their white, sunglasses, and/or matching outfits to run in the Color Run. For those unfamiliar with a Color Run, it's a run where there several stations that throw powdered color at you while you are on your way. That's why you wear white t-shirts and sunglasses. By the end of it, you're covered in color and you need to protect your eyeballs!

Here's Blondie and I before the race. 

And our whole crew before...

Grace did a pretty decent job. This was a 5K run, and we did a combo of run and walk. For her first race and wearing last school year's tennies, I was pretty impressed. 

And here's our people afterward. Color. Run.

This is the crew from my work that ran "together." We didn't necessarily run together the whole time, but it was fun to have these colleagues around to banter with. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

Alright people. Overload of Grace pictures coming at you. Feel free to scroll quickly if you aren't a grandparent, great grandparent, aunt or BFF of mine. :) The rest of you may get bored. 

I just cannot believe how grown up and beautiful she looks. She's such a good dancer, friend, daughter, and sister. She's smart, beautiful, friendly, caring, compassionate, considered about others, and has the bubbliest attitude. She makes me proud!

Her excitement for her sister who didn't get to be on stage this year was sweet. We paraded around the house in Grace's old costumes to have her feel included!

Before we knew it, Grace took her robe off to take pictures and Annie put it on! The chase was on!!! 

Obviously, as you can see here, Annie won the robe battle!

And all of her friends...

And our wonderful daycare provider Lynette (above) and the clan of girls from daycare (below). Two more girls will be old enough to join next year! A sweet bunch of girls.

And our sweet Jacey graduated this year. She gave Grace an awesome picture of the two of them last year at recital! Hopefully she comes back to watch the girls next year!

She loves the stage!!!

As always, it was a fun weekend of hanging out with friends and performing. We had a blast! Now we just have to go through September until May or June next year for another round of fun!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Madness before the Madness

Dance recital weekend. A special little blondie in our house thinks this is the greatest weekend of the year - right up there with Christmas. All in all from a mother's standpoint it's madness! It's beautiful, fun, and exciting madness, but none the less - madness. 

This year we decided to make things a bit easier on ourselves. Two other moms with girls about Grace's age decided we should do a pizza party and makeup/hair party before the first evening performance. We had a blast! 

The hosting mother was so sweet and put together a fun table with flowers, balloons, mirrors, confetti, and treats! It was fun to do hair together and have the help from other moms around. Just making this clear, it was still madness. Fun madness.

 My little beauty before getting her makeup on!

Mascara and eye makeup are a mother's worst nightmare!
"Blink, NO! Not a full blink, a half blink! Stop your eye from reacting to this situation and DO NOT LET IT WATER. Even if I JAM a mascara wand into your eye, you better not let that eye water!" :)

This is my favorite picture from the night. Let me tell you, these four girls know how to lay the sass out!

Up next....more pretty Grace posing pictures and photos of friends all dolled up! And stage pictures!