Thursday, May 22, 2014

Planting with Poppa

Wow, did this one throw me for a flashback. I think we were doing this same exact thing about 6 years ago when Grace was about Annie's age. I even have some pictures from then that I'll share below.

But first, last weekend we made a girls only trip to Minnesota. We dropped Cody off in Madison, SD for a boys only golfing weekend with Cody's bestie Chas. Since the car had to be driven nearly all the way to Minnesota, I decided to head that way with the littles. Single parenting weekends are much easier when there are reinforcements around also.

I have a couple posts to share from the weekend, but thought I would start with the girls planting the garden with Poppa....

 Poppa was trying to explain to Annie that NO you don't EAT the PLANT the bean....

She was slowly catching on (above) and then she quickly grabbed another bean and proceeded to throw it into the trench that was dug! See the bean getting tossed in?!

And here's a comparison from 2009 to 2014. I've concluded from the picture below that 1. the girls are a lot alike (I've known these for several months now) and most importantly, that my Dad needs to buy new shirts. Looks to me like this is the same exact shirt 6 years later!

Love these memories.

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