Monday, May 26, 2014


Let me just start off by saying, we've spent loads of time outdoors the last week or more, and all I can say is we just have the best time. It started with a nice, but cool, weekend at my parents last weekend, then last week we were able to be outdoors lots in our backyard, at school, and then we also went horseback riding with Ashley! This Memorial Day weekend we spent two days crashing some friends' campsite, and went fishing. Perfect. We needed some time together without anything on the agenda, but we sure filled it up!
The best time.

Immediately when we got to Ashley's house, I knew that we were going to be spending lots more time with her this summer (if she approves!). She has plenty of room for the kids to run, cats to play with, horses to pet, ride and sit on (if you're Annie), a four-wheeler, her sister Callie, and Callie's new puppy Paisley. We had the best time.

See for yourself...

I've been telling Grace she can't just show up, ride the pony, and get off and call it good. She's gotta learn how to take care of the horse if she's going to ride with Ashley! She wasn't discouraged by that at all, she hopped up on the stool and brushed away! She loves the soft parts!

Meet Paisley...the newest addition to the Worth animal extravaganza! Cutest little puppy ever!
While Grace rode Sadie, Cody and Annie rode the four-wheeler! Smiles, giggles, and LOTS of squeals when Daddy went fast! What can I say, my girls are thrill junkies.

This little cowgirl. Melts my heart. Annie wasn't sure at first what she thought of the horses. Quickly she figured out she was pretty interested. That turned into constantly yelling for them and violently trying to push their gate open to get inside. Let's just say Ashley had her hands full!

My girls are lucky little people to have loads of people in their lives that like to make their hearts happy. Ashley and her sister Callie are two of them. And their Momma Barb. (Grace now calls her Grandma Barb....she'll get granddaughters this way if she has to for now!). Grandma Barb, we're coming up to see you and those little kittens in Gettysburg sometime soon! Thanks again to Ashley and Callie for letting the girls play horses with you!

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