Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Day of School - Field Day!

Buchanan Elementary's school tradition is to hold a Field Day on the last day of school, which is a half day. Grace packed a lunch, put on her tennies and was ready to take on the course! I was able to come up for about half of the days events and took some pictures of Grace and her friends. 

She's a fast one! She got third place in the 100 yard dash! Way to go Gracie!

This is Grace and her friend Caiyah. They are so sweet together, I always tell them they look like twins! 

And some extra pictures I borrowed from a friend... 

She had a great day but there were also tears of sadness as she was very sad to leave Mrs. Allen's classroom. She was a wonderful first grade teacher for Grace and put up with me too! We're so lucky to have a girl that has such a big heart and cares so much for her friends, teachers, family and neighbors. We're ready to enjoy summer!

Oh, see that tooth that is HANGING there? Yup, it came out later that night. I think she was "saving it up" and trying to loose it at school so she could get a tooth necklace...that didn't happen. So Daddy pulled it out right away that night when we got home so there wasn't an evening full of drama about it!


Let me just start off by saying, we've spent loads of time outdoors the last week or more, and all I can say is we just have the best time. It started with a nice, but cool, weekend at my parents last weekend, then last week we were able to be outdoors lots in our backyard, at school, and then we also went horseback riding with Ashley! This Memorial Day weekend we spent two days crashing some friends' campsite, and went fishing. Perfect. We needed some time together without anything on the agenda, but we sure filled it up!
The best time.

Immediately when we got to Ashley's house, I knew that we were going to be spending lots more time with her this summer (if she approves!). She has plenty of room for the kids to run, cats to play with, horses to pet, ride and sit on (if you're Annie), a four-wheeler, her sister Callie, and Callie's new puppy Paisley. We had the best time.

See for yourself...

I've been telling Grace she can't just show up, ride the pony, and get off and call it good. She's gotta learn how to take care of the horse if she's going to ride with Ashley! She wasn't discouraged by that at all, she hopped up on the stool and brushed away! She loves the soft parts!

Meet Paisley...the newest addition to the Worth animal extravaganza! Cutest little puppy ever!
While Grace rode Sadie, Cody and Annie rode the four-wheeler! Smiles, giggles, and LOTS of squeals when Daddy went fast! What can I say, my girls are thrill junkies.

This little cowgirl. Melts my heart. Annie wasn't sure at first what she thought of the horses. Quickly she figured out she was pretty interested. That turned into constantly yelling for them and violently trying to push their gate open to get inside. Let's just say Ashley had her hands full!

My girls are lucky little people to have loads of people in their lives that like to make their hearts happy. Ashley and her sister Callie are two of them. And their Momma Barb. (Grace now calls her Grandma Barb....she'll get granddaughters this way if she has to for now!). Grandma Barb, we're coming up to see you and those little kittens in Gettysburg sometime soon! Thanks again to Ashley and Callie for letting the girls play horses with you!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Planting with Poppa

Wow, did this one throw me for a flashback. I think we were doing this same exact thing about 6 years ago when Grace was about Annie's age. I even have some pictures from then that I'll share below.

But first, last weekend we made a girls only trip to Minnesota. We dropped Cody off in Madison, SD for a boys only golfing weekend with Cody's bestie Chas. Since the car had to be driven nearly all the way to Minnesota, I decided to head that way with the littles. Single parenting weekends are much easier when there are reinforcements around also.

I have a couple posts to share from the weekend, but thought I would start with the girls planting the garden with Poppa....

 Poppa was trying to explain to Annie that NO you don't EAT the PLANT the bean....

She was slowly catching on (above) and then she quickly grabbed another bean and proceeded to throw it into the trench that was dug! See the bean getting tossed in?!

And here's a comparison from 2009 to 2014. I've concluded from the picture below that 1. the girls are a lot alike (I've known these for several months now) and most importantly, that my Dad needs to buy new shirts. Looks to me like this is the same exact shirt 6 years later!

Love these memories.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hop to it

This Easter we kept things laid back and casual. Just a few days after Easter Sunday is when I departed for Chicago and Milwaukee, then home for a few days, then on to the Black Hills for the film festival. My parents came for the weekend since I refused to travel anywhere!

Easter morning the girls woke up and Grace was very disappointed. There wasn't an Easter egg, basket, or one piece of candy to be found in the house. Until Mommy looked outside! I pointed out a trail of fun things in the yard leading up to something on the front steps! The Easter bunny left the baskets outside! Cool!

We went to church that morning (bummer I don't have a picture of Grace's whole cute outfit...was a fun maxi skirt!) Of course, we met up with the Bothuns and tried for the gazillionth time to get a decent picture....still failed!

Annie was having a blast a church running around in her Easter princess outfit complete with fox shoes. Not sure if the bunny jacket and the fox shoes go together, but we went with it. It was all fun until she wiped out. Poppa to the rescue....

Then we came home to get ready for lunch with Cody's grandparents. First, we had to enjoy being outside! 

However, before we even got to lunch, it was more bad news for Little One. She stubbed her toe in a major way! She gashed it open pretty good and was NOT happy about it. It was bleeding quite a bit and this was her first band-aid experience, so she wasn't sure to trust it! We got her all fixed up and Momma snuggled her...

Before we knew it, she was back playing. She was pretty particular about which shoes she could wear since her owie was bothering her. And she had to stop and check it out every once in awhile...

No rest for the weary...especially when you're wearing a bunny outfit.

Then it was on to more Easter fun...Nana had a fun surprise for the girls for Easter! New cowgirl boots! Yeee-hawww! Grace was in love. Annie was mostly in love with the chick that somehow peeps when you hold it.

After nap, lunch, and some rest time on that owie, it was off to Susie's for our joint Easter egg hunt! Dean and Annie are about 5 months apart in age, but you'd never know it. Dean is bigger than her! They had fun hunting down eggs together.

Dean and his Momma

Blondie had filled up her bucket...and then some! It wasn't tough when Susie hid about 174 eggs in her yard for one six year old and two just barely toddlers.

We always enjoy our time with our friends and neighbors. This photo just says it all. We're able to walk across the street and have our whole family be welcome and comfortable at Susie's. Cody's enjoying a beverage, and my parents and Cody's grandparents are enjoying dessert on the deck while watching the littles hunt for eggs! A perfect day!