Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend in Spearfish

In March we made the trip out to Spearfish to stay with Cody's parents. We also intended on going to the Pierre Governor's state tournament games, but ended up just staying comfortable in Spearfish and hanging with the family. On Saturday afternoon we hit up the bowling alley in Spearfish - it was a blast! Little Annie fell asleep on the way to the bowling alley and I just set her on the floor and she slept for about an hour! Good baby! 

These two had fun bowling together!

Then there is Connor! We can't believe he'll be 14 soon! That is so crazy to us!! Especially Cody!

Lots of heckling, high fives, and fist pounds!

Then the baby woke up. She wasn't so easy to have at the bowling alley when she wasn't sleeping.

Of course, we can't go the weekend without a round or two of Farkle! Annie loved the dice. She also loves it when Daddy "plays" American Girl doll with her!

Saturday night Michele and I hung out with the kids for a casual night of movie watching and snacks while the rest of the crew went into Deadwood. The kids were in bed early with their busy day! We had a great time and were glad to get out there to visit.

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