Monday, April 28, 2014


Well, as it goes, the bus didn't have very good Wi-Fi so I wasn't able to get as many updates done as I intended to. Right now we're on our way back to South Dakota after a great weekend with the Brewers in Milwaukee. It was amazing to hear the interest in our state from people in Wisconsin. They were all very engaged with us in dialogue and commented about seeing South Dakota everywhere in Miller Park and in Wisconsin. We just stopped in Austin for breakfast and are traveling across southern Minnesota today.

I couldn't help but post these photos from February of Grace. She was very focused on doing her Valentine's for school. I love having this moment captured in photos. First grade has been a marvelous year watching Grace learn to read chapter books, work in math book and do problem solving and graphs, and watch her personality grow and bud.

Probably one of the last big smiles with her two top baby teeth still in! 

We also had fun delivering Valentine's to people's houses somewhat "May Day" style. We made some extra Valentine's and delivered them to friends around town. However, she's too much like her Momma and couldn't stand ringing the door bell and running away - she wanted to talk to her friends!

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