Monday, April 28, 2014

Sucker Face, Whoopie Pies and More!

Just wanted to take a moment to share some photos of the girls with some treats. I must have a "thing" with getting pictures of them enjoying these treats. We figured out a good way to keep Annie satisfied in the car is a sucker...

Donut or paci? Hard to decide!

Helping the Momma with making dessert.

Oatmeal in the bath tub? Why not?!

Donuts at Nana's

And world famous whoopie pies from NYC that our ad agency shared with us! Yummo~
(Let Grace enjoy the calories instead of me!)

And don't worry, we are good about getting our teeth brushed! :)

 Just a few snapshots!

Lil Gov's Track Meet

Mid-April was the first Lil Governor Track and Field meet. Grace was super excited to go, and kept reminding me about it, she's always worried I'll forget to get her there. I keep reminding her that I have yet to forget to get her somewhere she wants to be.

At the meet they had baseball toss, long jump, and the 50, 100 and 200 runs.

As you can imagine, Grace's long legs and over running energy make her quite the little trackster! She did get in the long jump and on the runs.

And here's her friend and birthday buddy Nick with his wheels on high!

She was sooooo proud (and we were too!) she got 1st place in the 50! And second in both the 100 and 200! Awesome job G! 

Here she is with her friends! Love them all together with huge smiles on their faces after this fun event in Pierre. We had to practically keep a leash on Annie because she was all over the field! She wanted to race on the track so badly and was a complete maniac!

Weekend in Spearfish

In March we made the trip out to Spearfish to stay with Cody's parents. We also intended on going to the Pierre Governor's state tournament games, but ended up just staying comfortable in Spearfish and hanging with the family. On Saturday afternoon we hit up the bowling alley in Spearfish - it was a blast! Little Annie fell asleep on the way to the bowling alley and I just set her on the floor and she slept for about an hour! Good baby! 

These two had fun bowling together!

Then there is Connor! We can't believe he'll be 14 soon! That is so crazy to us!! Especially Cody!

Lots of heckling, high fives, and fist pounds!

Then the baby woke up. She wasn't so easy to have at the bowling alley when she wasn't sleeping.

Of course, we can't go the weekend without a round or two of Farkle! Annie loved the dice. She also loves it when Daddy "plays" American Girl doll with her!

Saturday night Michele and I hung out with the kids for a casual night of movie watching and snacks while the rest of the crew went into Deadwood. The kids were in bed early with their busy day! We had a great time and were glad to get out there to visit.


Well, as it goes, the bus didn't have very good Wi-Fi so I wasn't able to get as many updates done as I intended to. Right now we're on our way back to South Dakota after a great weekend with the Brewers in Milwaukee. It was amazing to hear the interest in our state from people in Wisconsin. They were all very engaged with us in dialogue and commented about seeing South Dakota everywhere in Miller Park and in Wisconsin. We just stopped in Austin for breakfast and are traveling across southern Minnesota today.

I couldn't help but post these photos from February of Grace. She was very focused on doing her Valentine's for school. I love having this moment captured in photos. First grade has been a marvelous year watching Grace learn to read chapter books, work in math book and do problem solving and graphs, and watch her personality grow and bud.

Probably one of the last big smiles with her two top baby teeth still in! 

We also had fun delivering Valentine's to people's houses somewhat "May Day" style. We made some extra Valentine's and delivered them to friends around town. However, she's too much like her Momma and couldn't stand ringing the door bell and running away - she wanted to talk to her friends!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello again...

Wow, does life ever get busy. Between balancing a job that requires travel and coordinating Grace's school life and social life coupled with our own family activities, things get busy. I've been absent from the blog lately, but that only means there is lots to catch up with and to share.

This week I'm headed out on a bus to Chicago and Milwaukee with our Mount Rushmore mascots. As I type we are somewhere in the middle of Iowa. We left Pierre this morning on a VERY windy day with a suburban fill of all of our mascot paraphernalia. We met the bus in Sioux Falls and drove down to Vermillion to pick up our actors from the University of South Dakota. We'll be in Chicago sometime around midnight or 1:00 a.m. A long day! We have plans to be on some morning shows and afternoon shows in Chicago on Thursday, take them to the iconic sites in the city, and then depart to Milwaukee on Friday for the weekend. We are sponsoring the Cubs and Brewers series at Miller Park, so we'll be out at about around the stadium with our portable Mount Rushmore.

Luckily, I was able to stop in Coralville, Iowa and got to see my friend Hayley and her brand new baby boy
Lincoln. It worked out well that it was a stop around supper time and she lives so close. In fact, I’m really lucky because she is moving in just a few days to Michigan, it would have been MONTHS before I got to see her and meet the new bundle. Here he is, isn’t he just a sweetheart?

Throughout March we stayed busy with Grace's basketball practice schedule, visiting Cody's family in Spearfish, and trying to persuade spring to make an appearance in South Dakota. We had several nice days followed by a huge blizzard that hit Pierre. I was lucky to make it home to get Grace from school with nearly zero visibility in town. We miss Grandma Irma every day and talk about her often and say prayers with her daily.

I hope to fill up the blog with several posts over the next few days as I travel to and from locations. Stick with me and hopefully we'll get all updated.

I hope that you all had a nice Easter and were able to spend it with family and friends. We were able to do both, and it was wonderful. More later, for now, we'll be pulling into Chicago soon, and my alarm will be going off at 4:30 a.m. for our morning show segment. 3 hours of sleep does a girl good while in Chicago....right?