Monday, March 3, 2014

Thank you

Thanks to all for the thoughts, prayers and support during our time of mourning the loss of Grandma Irma. The visitation on Friday night left many of us in a better place, Grandma looked the best that she had in years - it was so much easier to say goodbyes to someone who looked like Grandma. She was so weak for so long, it would have been hard to remember her that way. The funeral service on Saturday was a wonderful celebration of her life - in her written obituary she asked the pastor to talk not about her and her life, but instead about the promises of the Lord - and he did a wonderful job honoring that request. So many family members were around, including many of my Dad's cousins and Aunts and Uncles. It was easier on the kids because all of Grace's second cousins were there to play. I'm grateful for the time we were able to spend together, but it felt so odd not having Grandma there with us. The sorrows of losing someone you love so dearly, a grandmother, is not easy. But knowing that she's in the place she trusted to live for eternity makes it easier.

I have several special thank yous that I wanted to address here, so that I'll be able to look back and remember how special people in my life made this time easier for us...

-Thanks to Mom and Dad who didn't kick us out of the house when Little One was being a bear cat all weekend.
-Thanks to my aunts, uncles and cousins who made it easy to mourn and cry together; who made it possible to share good memories and laughs too.
-Thanks to Kevin and Michele who sent a beautiful arrangement of flowers as a tribute to Grandma's life on the farm - the arrangement was filled with tulips, daisies, pussy willows, cattails, roses, and other beautiful flowers. Your thoughts and prayers were appreciated.
-Thanks to Aunt Linda & Uncle Craig and Aunt Laura & Uncle Pat who drove from the Twin Cities to Jeffers on Saturday to the funeral; it was nice to have you there. They, and the rest of Mom's family, also contributed a floral memorial to Grandma, it was gorgeous. They also kept an eye on the girls while we were at the cemetery in sub-zero temperatures with a roaring arctic wind! Hope Grandma was enjoying a cup of black coffee then! :)
-Thanks to the familiar faces of Steve and Cindy Larson, and my dad's co-worker and former co-worker who came to the visitation and funeral, it meant a lot to my Dad to have their presence there.
-Thanks to Cecil and Marcella who sent cards to us and Mom and Dad along with a memorial gift.
-Thanks to Tasha who was there to hug and talk to me last week, and who sent flowers as a memorial.
-Thank you to Jen who was supportive and loving during my time of grieving my loss of Grandma, always willing to listen and sends kind words my way, thank you for the sympathy card.
-Thanks to Eileen, Wanda and Ann at work who had nice cards waiting for me on Monday when I returned to work, and Wanda for the nice photo frame.
-Thanks to my cousin Emily and her family for the sympathy card that was in my mailbox on Saturday when we got home. And thank you Becky for the sweet text you sent on Saturday morning before the funeral.
-Thanks to Cody's friend Bronson who took care of Remi while we were out of town.
-Thanks to my friends who sent texts and Facebook messages with their thoughts and prayers.

Rose from my Grandma's spray, the tribute speech I wrote and presented at her funeral, and the long snowy drive home we had on Saturday night.

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