Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sisters and their Dolls

While we were at the Mall of America, we wanted to take Grace in to look at new accessories for her American Girl doll. She had been playing with it so much lately, we thought it would be fun to have some new accessories. Well, because she had been playing with it so much, it was causing some disruption between the girls - Annie desperately wanted to play with her doll whenever Grace did. And no doll would be a good replacement (how do kids know these things?). So Mom took Annie shopping at the American Girl doll store too...she came out pretty good, with her own doll! 

We waited until we got settled in at the hotel to get the goods out and play! 

It was fun to watch Annie unwrap her dolly that looks just like her. She was very excited, and big sister was very happy to see her get one too. 

Sisters together with their precious dollies. Hopefully this will allow them to play much more nicely together with them! We'll see how battered Annie's doll gets in the coming years!

We ordered pizza in the hotel and sat and enjoyed each others company. We used the doll box as a table for the girls, see the dolls back there taking in the sites too? I think Grace's doll is filling Annie's in on just exactly what she's in for! :)

Yup, see. Poor dolly usually gets drug around by the hair!

Afterward, we all took a quick swim at the hotel. The water was FREEZING! That didn't stop the girls of course! I could hardly stand it. Plus Annie was being a maniac in the water, she has NO FEAR. She just wanted me to let her go so that she could swim on her own.....which would mean sink on her own!

Had to include this on in color too so that their hair color shows how nice they match each other!
Love these two little girls and their girliness.

Thank you Nana for the fun new accessories for Grace and the pretty dolly for Annie! The girls love to play together with them now. Now we just need two strollers, two beds, two car seats, two pairs of every clothing item. Or, wait, I guess I could teach them to share! :)


  1. What fun!! We were in South St. Paul on Valentine' s Day visiting our oldest....great minds!
    So sorry to read of the loss of your Grandma, keeping you wrapped in healing thoughts.

  2. This is sooo cute! Now I wish I had a little girl to play dolls with!


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