Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We woke up at Aunt Linda's house to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking...well not exactly, my kids may have woken up first....but breakfast was on shortly after. I always love the breakfasts that my Uncle Craig makes. We goofed around a little in the morning and then drove down to Minneapolis in some snowy weather to meet up with my dear friends, the Marthaler's. They met us at the Mall of America on a crazy holiday weekend to have lunch and let the kids have fun at Nickelodeon Universe! 

It was so good to see Jen and catch up with her. I love her little (growing) family and I so dearly wish that we lived closer. We stay in touch pretty frequently through phone calls, texts, and emails. We are always sending each other pictures of the kids, projects, and snow (or lack there of!). We have a beautiful love/hate relationship for each other, always jealous of each others projects and beautiful hair. :) 
These little girls are miniature versions of their mothers, and have a friendship just like Jen and mine. They don't see each other enough, but pick back up in a better place than the last time they saw each other.

Poor Tyler and Annie. Little do they know, they have an arranged marriage happening between the two of them by their mothers. And look at Miss Annie, she's already eyeing that handsome boy. Thank goodness our plans are working already!

I love you beautiful friend, and I wouldn't be the same person without you in my life! You make me a better Mommy and person! Without her, I wouldn't have anyone to complain to, to show off to, to love like a sister, to send fashion questions to, get Mommy advice from, and trust with absolutely anything that I need. She's my go to girl! I love her!

We had a great afternoon at the mall with these beautiful friends and my parents. Thanks for trekking over to the mall and braving the insane crowds to see us!

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