Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Grandma Fran

In February we packed our bags and headed out on a crazy road trip to see lots of family and friends. We were gone 5 days (I think) and stayed at a different place each night. When you've got kids to haul with lots of accessories including pack and plays, strollers, luggage bags, 15 different special blankets and pillows and lovies, and all of the other jazz that goes along with packing with children it was a little bit insane. 

We went to Marshall first, then on to the cities to see Grandma Fran. Grandma was SO excited to see us. It was Valentine's Day on the day we vistited and they had a special program going on where she lives. A man came in to sing and entertain the rest of the residents. Oh boy, Grandma was pointing at us and telling everyone who we were. The girls quickly became the stars of the show and the singing man centered nearly every song around the girls in one way or another. 

4 generations of girls!
I love the two goofy ones below too.

After visiting Grandma Fran, we buzzed over to my Aunt's house in Forest Lake. We had an awesome supper (thanks Uncle Craig for the great pasta!) with Linda and Craig and Emily's family. It was great visiting with them. Emily had a fun chocolate fondue with lots of dipping options, we all enjoyed it! Below is Annie and Chase, they were pretty funny together. I'm not sure why I didn't get more photos there, shoot! Next time...

We spent the night at Aunt Linda's and enjoyed the company of family. It's always so good to be back at their house, I have lots of fond memories from being there as a child. The hospitality hasn't changed a bit.

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