Friday, February 7, 2014

On my mind....

Lots on my mind these days, and this blog is meant to be a place to share thoughts, photos, updates to the house, and random thoughts from our everyday life.

Lately, this space has been mostly about the kids and less about our DIY projects around the house and random thoughts from us. But that's okay too. This is a space that I commemorate the happenings around our house - big or small, fancy or plain. It's a space that I use to look back on how things have changed and stayed the same over time. I need to keep reminding myself that this is a space for me, to do with what I wish. It's a space I know close family and friends enjoy to read, and I hope to keep it that way. I need to remind myself that if someone isn't interested in the post, all they have to do is click escape.

Seeing my Grandma Bierman this last month has inspired me and reminded me to enjoy every moment. To make the most of the moments we have. We never know how many days any of us will be fortunate enough to enjoy, or how many days those closest to us will have either. And for me, it's solidified the goal I have this year of collecting all of our photo memories and actually doing something with them. To make them tangible. To allow my kids to sort through them, to reminisce, to ponder, to wonder, to ask the questions "remember when..." It's encouraged me to make sure I'm capturing things now that my kids will feel are important pieces of their life that they can look back at someday.

For me, I catalog and remember information by the photos I take. The posts I write. I want to write more about the little things - try going back to the series from my children's perspectives. The good and the bad. I'm not always the best journalist, nor do I always hand write in my journals at night. I go months between entries. I need to remember that the littlest things are sometimes the most important.

Other random things on my mind...what does it mean to be blessed? Our pastor asked this question of us in a recent sermon. Several answers from the crowd were "we're blessed when things are going our way," "when we can say we're fortunate," "when God is in our lives." But she turned that on it's head. She wanted us to remember that blessings come in the best times and the challenging times.

So what are my blessings? Can I see the blessings in my life in the easy times and the rough times? How can I count my blessings more often and how can I teach my children about the blessings in their lives?

The little things on my mind, the big things on my mind. They all matter to me.

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