Thursday, February 6, 2014

Christmas III

The weekend after Christmas my parents were able to come and hang out with us and celebrate. We were able to hang low around the house with little no nothing on the agenda. We built lots of legos and played lots of babies(and polly pockets...more on that later)! The way it should be!

The girls are all around spoiled and blessed. Even though we went to Disney World for Christmas with my parents, they brought gifts too! And too many of them! Mom and Dad gave Cody and I an icecream maker so we've had fun making different flavors - my favorite so far is mint chip made with Andes mint chips.

I wasn't very good at having the camera out this particular weekend. I need to leave it out and tell my OCD husband to let things be sometimes!

Can't believe how big this girl is getting! 

Back to Polly Pockets...Mom called one day and asked about a collection of Polly Pockets she found on a really good deal in Marshall and wondered if she could get them for Grace. I said "sure!" When she dug them out (when Annie was sleeping) this is what was discovered. Dozens upon dozens of dolls, HUNDREDS of pieces of clothes and shoes, and dozens of little pets to go with them! Us gals got to sorting and organizing right away! It was fun to look through it all and both Annie and Grace love tinkering around with these toys - Annie is even great about keeping things out of her mouth. Grace has had a play date and they spent a lot of time with these. Good find Mom!

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  1. I know I tell you all the time, but you are soooo blessed to have such wonderful parents/grandparents in your lives!! And your Momma is totally awesome finding such a great deal.. you know I live for thrifting!!


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