Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas at the Richter's

A couple weekends ago, we officially wrapped up all of our Christmas gatherings and celebrations. We're blessed to celebrate the reason for the season with many.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year was spent with Cody's family in Spearfish. I can saying lovingly that it's organized chaos! There's always way too much (yummy) food, loads of (welcomed) noise, and piles of (thoughtful) gifts. Blessed beyond measure our family is.

I have lots of pictures to share, so I'll let the pictures lead the stories.

On Christmas Eve, we're often treated to Grandma Michele's silly Christmas gag gifts. She had pretty good ones this year!

During hunting season, Cody was getting really made because a blue truck was showing up on his trail cam he had set up for deer hunting....he soon remembered/was told that his Dad had a new blue truck this year and it was probably Cody himself driving it around! He was given a photo with the works "Dad's Truck" on it for the reminder!

Annie got her beloved fruit pouches, Grace got McDonald's gift cards, and I got Bailey's! 

There were two pretty trees at Grandma's house this year. Downstairs were the family gifts and upstairs was the tree Santa left the gifts under on Christmas Eve! 

Santa came!!!

Cameron loves his Uncle Cody, and is a bear to wrestle with! Silly boy. Growing up so fast!

Christmas morning breakfast! All tummy's have to be filled up before opening gifts! Makes for happier bodies!

Grace helping Great Grandpa with a gift.

 Organized chaos is the name of the game!

These two excited faces take the cake for me! 

Grandma found so many great gifts that inspire Grace's imagination! 

We were able to have Great Grandma and Great Grandpa ride with us out to Spearfish this year, and all behaved in the car - we didn't even have to stop for potty breaks for anyone - young or old! :) We had a great time with everyone and made it home for us to celebrate our family Christmas at our house too on Christmas night.

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