Thursday, February 27, 2014

89 full years of life

No matter how much you prepare yourself for someone you love passing away, the moment you learn of them going to heaven is still hard. Grandma Irma's health had been dwindling in the last few months or more. She has spent about 2 years in the very nice St. John's Lutheran Home in Springfield. Grandpa was also able to be in Springfield near her each day since shortly after her being taken in to the home, they sold their house in Jeffers. He lives in a very nice apartment style facility that can eventually provide him assistance if needed. We're blessed they found a place to be near each other for those 2 years.

A few weeks ago, Mom, Dad and I stopped in to visit her. She rested peacefully while we were there, and we held her hand and spoke to her and prayed while she rested. The kids stayed in the car with Cody, because I didn't know how they would react to her being so weak and tired. I'm glad they stayed there, not because I didn't want them to see her, but because I wanted them to remember her in a better way. Just last month, we gathered in the basement of St. John's for the Bierman Family Christmas, Grandma was able to be there that day. She was awake for much of the time she spent with us - Grace got to squeeze her, Grandma smiled, and Grandma got to see Annie too. I want the kids (or at least Grace) to remember Grandma that way and I think Grandma would too.

My Dad called late this last Monday night sharing the news of Grandma's passing. She passed away at St. John's Lutheran Home in Springfield at the age of 89. It was a bittersweet phone call. I am so glad she is comfortable now, I know she will so dearly enjoy being near to Jesus and in the comforts of heaven. I know she'll have a massive garden, and I know she'll attend every event of her grandkids and great-grandkids. I know she'll send rain to David's field, I know she'll be camping with Lowell & Pat, rummaging with Carolyn, and gardening with my Mom and Dad this summer. But it's bitter because she will be dearly missed by me, my family, my cousins, my parents, my aunts and uncles, her great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, relatives, friends, and her beloved husband Grandpa Wally. It's my mission to be trusting and faithful like she was - to teach my children about Jesus, I know that would make her proud.

I am so grateful she passed with family by her side, and with prayers surrounding her. She passed away peacefully; and I  know she was swiftly taken into the hands of Jesus into the gates of heaven. Grandma was strong in her faith, and I'm so grateful that they took good care of her spiritual needs at St. John's.

I will miss you everyday Grandma!
Just a random collection of photos below...

All of the Great-Grandparents that were alive when Grace was born, and still are now apart from Grandma Irma. 
Front row: Marcella Richter, Frances Moret, Irma Bierman
Back row: Cecil Richter, Wallace Bierman 

Grandma Fran and Grandma Irma

January 2013

January 2013

Summer 2013

Fall 2013

I know there are lots more photos of Grandma and I when I was younger, I can't wait to dig through some photos at Mom and Dad's sometime soon to see what I can find!

We will miss you everyday Grandma!

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