Friday, January 10, 2014

Disney World Trip - Days 1/2

Just a short month ago, we were in sunny Florida. Hard to believe that it's been a month already. We packed our bags and headed to Sioux Falls on a Friday morning and met my parents who were making the trip with us. Our flight schedule took us from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis and finally to Orlando. We got in, rented a car, and made our way to our hotel pretty easily.

My mom found a beautiful place for us to stay at - the room we were in was close to a great swimming pool and grocery store on property which was very convenient. The room we stayed in was so perfect for all of us. There were two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a patio, a large kitchen, washer/dryer, living room and so much room for all of us. We didn't feel like we were on top of each other in the hotel - so nice!

The first day we headed to Animal Kingdom. What a fantastic day we had. I'll let the pictures start my story:

The first stop we made of our entire Disney World experience was this show called "The Festival of the Lion King." It was a very, very well done musical type show. It combined interacting with the audience, puppetry, and pageantry along with excellent music and singing. 

I had tears in my eyes immediately when the show started seeing how amazed the girls were by this. It was so special to see them be so interested this performance, I knew we were in for a good time the rest of the week.

 The tree of life was so, so beautiful. I remember being very impressed with this when I was a kid, and as I adult I was still amazed by it. Inside was "It's Tough to be a Bug." You get to walk inside of the Tree of Life and wind along roots, branches, and insect pathways. You put on 3D glasses and you're in for a show! Flik from Bug's Life is the host, and takes you on an adventure. With the 3D glasses, you'll see quills from a tarantula fly right past you, smell some NASTY stink from a stink bug (yes, they release a smell right in front of your nose!), and Hopper and his crew come and swarm the place with fog, and lots of bugs!
As you can imagine, this little beauty had a blast! I wasn't sure how Annie would handle everything from having to sleep in her stroller, the crowds, the rides, the commotion, being schlepped around...all of that...but she did REMARKABLY well. Grace too. I saw lots of meltdowns and tantrums at the park - we had literally NONE. 

Thank goodness my friend Sarena borrowed us this stroller. Was a lifesaver. Annie rode comfortably, and there was room for Grace to sit or stand also - even when Annie was laid completely back and napping. LIFE.SAVER.

 This was the newest ride at Animal Kingdom - it wasn't here when I was last at Disney World. Grace wasn't sure she would be up for it, so Dad and I went on it alone while her and Nana did It's Tough to be a Bug for the second time. Dad and I had a great time - was pretty wild! But Grace totally could have done it. She did every.single.rollercoaster and ride at the rest of Disney World - she is a thrill junkie!

On the Jeep Safari ride in the land of Africa we saw tons of cool animals! Very cool, and an interesting route and way to see them along with a funny guide. Annie was very happy on this ride.

We went on this rollercoaster with Nana, Grace and I first. Grace had a blast! She was giggling the entire time! All while making sure Nana didn't puke on her - please! Was funny to listen to her be so brave and so proud of herself. She SPRINTED off this thing and ran to Daddy demanding that she go immediately again along with her and myself. So we did. And Cody realized that maybe he didn't hate roller coasters as much as he thought he did!

Grace was very excited to meet characters while at Disney World. She was excited to fill out her autograph book and take photos with them. This was our first meeting - Christmas Goofy and Pluto! We were lucky, they took a break right after they were done with Grace!

Animal Kingdom overall was a favorite with many things - The Lion King, rollercoaster, Bugs Life and was an overall favorite for Annie. Not so fun was when it POURED on us when we were trying to get out of the park. Straight down pour on us the entire 15 minutes it took to get out of the park and then we still had to make it through the massive parking lot to find the car! YIKES!


  1. Looks like a fabulous vacation! Can I ask where you stayed? Looks like a place I need to keep in mind for when we decide to take our little guy to Disney World.

    1. Hey Amanda! It was fabulous!
      We stayed at Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas - part of the property is timeshare, we stayed at the hotel portion.


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