Friday, January 10, 2014

Disney World - Day 7

Our last day at the parks! The last park was Hollywood Studios! I remembered several things about this park from when I was there last, but there were several things that we didn't do or were new. So it was fun to go back.

The first thing we did was head for the new Toy Story ride! It was fun, but I think I liked the queue line better where they made you feel like you were the size of a toy! Really cool! 

 I have to say, I was quite proud of Little Miss Blondie. The entire trip she was fearless. We prepped her with a bit of what to expect for each ride and she was a complete trooper. She went on rides that grownups would go on (including her father!) and sometimes we saw teenage boys coming out scared and crying and Grace came out laughing and smiling! She's a thrill junkie!
We waited in a really long line for this one. It was pretty cool, but super short for a very long wait!

Grace loved the tower of terror! Hilarious how excited she was about it.

These two beauties waiting for the Beauty and the Beast performance to start. 

Let me just say, this musical performance of Beauty and the Beast was AWESOME. The girls both LOVED it, and my mom and I did too! The boys went to an Indiana Jones stunt show, and we did this. I wish they boys would have been able to see it because they would have enjoyed it. I mostly enjoyed watching the girls and seeing how much they adored this performance.

Always have to take time for an ice cream break! 

We so enjoyed vacationing with my Mom and Dad! They were easy going, fun to be around, flexible and such a great help with the kids. So nice to have extra hands around and adults to enjoy time with. THANK YOU Mom and Dad for making this trip possible. It certainly is an unforgettable Christmas present for all of us. 

The final big thing for us was watching the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights. They lit all 3 some million lights at one time. Then they set the lights to move and dance to Christmas songs. A.MAZING. We loved this. It was truly amazing and something we were so glad that we saw. 

Hope you enjoyed some of the photos. Sorry for the complete photo and story overload. Just had to get it all out there! We had a great time. The kids were SO SO good, and it was so good to get away from everything at home. It was nice we could just relax and focus on spending time together. We incorporated learning into the trip since Grace missed some school and I'm glad I did. Maybe at another time I'll post entries to her journal. They are neat to see and read from her point of view. I can't wait to make a photobook of these to have for the girls to thumb through later.

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