Friday, January 10, 2014

Disney World - Day 6

Tired of our trip yet? Sorry for those who are! This blog is like a visual diary for me, so I like to make sure I can look back and visually remember the trip! And I know lots of family wanted to see the whole kit and kaboodle.

The next day was somewhat of a bonus day. We weren't going to go to EPCOT originally, but we did. And I'm glad we did! There were things there we enjoyed so much! We only spent about a half day there because we wanted to spend some time at the pool that afternoon also.
At the "big golf ball!"

Annie and the characters were interesting. She loved looking at them, and watching them interact. She would stand near them if we were holding her, but she didn't like them to interact with her or try to touch her! 

We got super lucky that suddenly the line to meet Mickey, Minnie Mouse and Goofy was super short, like less than 20 minutes! Usually it can be an hour long! Yikes!
 Grace loved checking out the signatures and showing them off after she got them.

The Finding Nemo area was pretty cool. First we went on a slow paced, but really awesome ride, then you could explore several aquarium areas along with a show put on by Crush Live! Was super cute!

That day was also special because we had a lunch date planned with the princesses! We didn't know who was all going to show up. Initially we were greeted by Belle. Shortly after loads of princesses came around to each table, each spending several minutes with us. It was very neat! Grace was in her glory and Annie loved it too. It was nice because Annie wasn't scared of the face exposed characters.

The adults were happy campers too because the food was excellent! The place we ate was in the Norway land, so it was Norwegian style foods.

Some awesome desserts also! yum!

 Thank you Nana & Poppa for treating Grace and Annie to lunch with the princesses. It was something that was very special for all of us, and we know that Grace will always remember it!
We did a few more of the rides at EPCOT including Soaring and Mission Space. We wish we would have had more time to explore more of World Showcase portion of EPCOT but perhaps when the girls are older we'll have a chance to go back and take more in. We headed back to the hotel mid-afternoon and went for a swim!

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