Friday, January 10, 2014

Disney World - Day 5

The next day was half a relax day, half a another Magic Kingdom day. We bummed around again the first part of the day, found an awesome local panini place for lunch, and went back to Downtown Disney because I had to pick up an ornament that I had personalized earlier in the week.

 Here, Annie would go about 10 steps, stop and dance to music. Go about 10 more steps and stop to dance to the music. I love that about her. She's not afraid to stop and shake it!

Took a ferry boat ride to the other side.

And Grace got her face painted! Dazzling! 

So many cool things in this store!

Then Annie found a duck on the other side of the fence. She was fascinated by it! Amazing, we go to Florida and she's fascinated with ducks.

 Daddy is always sharing his smoothies with the little people in his life! Germs? What?

We bought tickets to attend the Very Merry Christmas Party in Magic Kingdom. The parade didn't start until 7, but ticket holders could enter the park at 4. Around 5 or 6 they require all non-ticket holders to depart the park for the evening. We go to the park shortly after 4 and went and did some things we didn't get a chance to do the previous day. 

It was nice to have a few more hours there, and we moved much more efficiently without the stroller. Cody and Annie stayed back since it was an evening event. When we booked we didn't know how Annie would be. She would have been fine I'm sure, but was nice to not have to worry about her getting too tired. 

Let me just say....the parade was awesome! I got terrible photos of it, but it was absolutely amazing. The floats were more like machines and nearly every character was in attendance. Mom staked out a good spot on Main Street (Grace, Dad and I rode Big Thunder again....twice in a row!) because we heard it was the best place to be. It was! It snowed on Main Street in Florida during the parade! 

 We tried out the Buzz Lightyear ride where you shoot space invaders! Fun!

Grace and I also snuck off right before the parade started to meet Aerial! Grace said she was SO talkative! 

 After the parade we did a few more rides at the park also. We also went to Belle's castle. They have an interactive program for the kids (and adults!). They talk about two dozen people back at a time and reenact scenes from Beauty and the Beast. I heard a tip that being the beast is awesome! I told Grace to volunteer - she wasn't too thrilled about it, but did it anyway. We are so glad she did! She got to ROAR at Belle and then dance with her at the end! Beautiful! I'll upload videos later.
This really, really warmed my heart! I (and Nana too) had tears in my eyes! Her eyes just sparkled when she got to dance with Belle. So awesome!

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