Friday, January 10, 2014

Disney World - Day 4

This was the day I think we had all been waiting for. An entire day at Magic Kingdom. Little girl/princess lover/make believe heaven. We knew that Grace especially was going to enjoy this day SO much. Turned out, it might have been a favorite for everyone.
One of my favorite things about the time of year that we went was all of the Christmas decorations. As an adult, and one who likes to decorate, I really appreciated all of the details and time that goes into making the parks look festive for the holidays. Wow. Unbelievable! 

 Annie was insta-amazed.
 Cody too!

 Totally wish we would have gotten better photos of the family in front of the castle!

 Grace wore her Rapunzel dress that day and we did her hair fancy before leaving the hotel. However, before she ever met a princess (other than Tinkerbelle and Periwinkle) she went on Splash Mountain and that was the end of the fancy hair! 

Grace loved meeting the fairies! So cool! They had a really cool hut they lived in and they had their winter clothes on! Periwinkle had adorable shoes!

Showing off her new autographs to Poppa.

 This was Annie's first "BIG" ride! Aladin's magic carpets! Up and down up and down, round and round! Fun!

The girls hamming it up before getting on the jungle cruise boat! 

Meeting Jesse from Toy Story!

Then Grace, Nana, Daddy, and Poppa went on Splash Mountain! Nana and Poppa weren't too sure about getting wet, and Cody wasn't too sure about the drop! But they all survived. Cody's favorite part? Grace's giggling the ENTIRE time.

I didn't grab very many pictures in here, but this is the "It's Small World" ride. It's a leisurely ride basically through this huge warehouse. You're in a boat type thing that goes along a track. Annie stood in the boat the entire time and you would have thought she was having the time of her life! She loved this! There were literally HUNDREDS of these painted and dressed animatronic dolls throughout the ride. SO impressive. This was a favorite of my Dad's too, just because of how many of these things there were, and it was a long ride...10 minutes maybe?

I feel like I'm already sharing tons of photos and info on here, but it isn't the half of it! I took more than 500 photos while we were there! So just sharing the highlights! Another favorite of Grace was meeting the princesses....we waited a long...long! time to meet Merida. I think it was worth it though. It was like we were walking into the movie Brave! So cool! (We got Merida to sign an autograph for our good friend Myah too!)

And the princesses in the castle! Rapunzel and Snow White. Grace was ecstatic!

Immediately Grace told Rapunzel that she was her little sister. That ensued a whole conversation. She probably spent 10 minutes with Grace!

Too cute!

One of the newer rides at Magic Kingdom is one with the Little Mermaid. One of Grace's favorites!
The ride itself wasn't that thrilling, but it is very well done. Annie had a great time on this one too.

Other favorites at the park were Big Thunder, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and seeing the show at night with the castle lit up with thousands of lights and the light projection show on the castle transforming it into amazing things. The fireworks over it were pretty spectacular as well.

Oh, and I can't forget these girls. One of the longest waits we had the whole trip was in Space Mountain (was so much fun though!) and this family was ahead of us with two teenage girls. They were talking in another language much of the time (Grace insisted it was Spanish, she thinks every language other than English is Spanish). Eventually she got to talking to them and found out they were from South Africa. Insta-click. Grace's old daycare provider before our current was from South Africa. Before the end of the ride she had completely fallen in love with them. She held one girls hand for at least 30 minutes. She had said to one of them "Do you like giving piggy back rides? If you do, I would love to have one." So that happened for lik 15 minutes. She would have gone home to South Africa with them. ! :)

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