Friday, January 10, 2014

Disney World - Day 3

Day 2 of our trip was a relax day. It was amazing to met how fast all of this time went. Upon arriving on Friday it felt great that we still had the whole weekend ahead of us, plus an entire week. As good times always go, it went all too fast. 

When we came home I looked through my photos somewhat disappointed, wishing I would have captured more photos (and better ones of the one I took), however, I can honestly say that I was happy to be able to live in the moment and soak up every minute we had together. I'll make sure to keep those memories in my brain, and be happy to have the ones on paper that I do.

Annie isn't much for keeping anything on her head...sunglasses, clippies, ponies, hats, nothing. Glad I got a couple photos with her baby sunglasses on!

We lazed around the hotel room in the morning, and once we were ready we explored the grounds of the property we stayed at. Amazing. Several outdoor pools, several kiddie pools, a pirate ship at the one we were closest too, restaurants, grocery stores, fitness centers, gaming areas, it had it all. 

Of course, every 2 feet Annie had to stop and dance...

And RUN!

All loaded up in the mini-van! Cody was actually pretty impressed with the room and features of this thing. However, he still promises that we will never, ever own one.

We found a pretty good little "hole in the wall" mexican place to eat. It was scrumptious! Annie had her fair share of black beans, beef, and rice! Grace enjoyed a chicken quesadilla! We found a few local type places to eat while we were there that were super good - a good pizza, panino place, and good place that had some Limon for Dad!

Next up for the day was some time at Downtown Disney. Basically it's like a boardwalk of stores, things to do, and interesting restaurants. We went here three times total - it was a nice place to get out and about and take in some sights.

Grace and Olaf from Frozen!

We rode this carousel together - Annie loved it, and Grace and I had fun watching Annie have a blast.

We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe - a treat for the kids! They enjoyed when a thunderstorm came along and walking around the dining room checking out all of the animated animals. Afterward we did a little more shopping at stopped a this performance stage where they were playing music and dancing. Of course, for the first 5 minutes my kids and I were the only ones dancing! Momma's will do anything for their kiddos right?

When we got back from Downtown Disney we were a jingle at the door of the hotel along with a knock! Grace was so excited when she opened the door to find two elves! The elves knew the girls' names, where they were from, and what they wanted for Christmas! COOL! They read a story, shared jingle bells, and left treats and giftbags for the girls. Grace asked her "Do, do you elves just make toys all night or do you sleep sometimes?"

Another end to a great day!

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