Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gator Rides and Home

Once we got back to Nana and Poppa's house, it was such a nice afternoon we had to take in more for the autumn weather. And we hadn't been on a gator ride yet! So we piled the girls into the back of the gator with a cozy blanket and hit the field for a long ride. Every bumpity bump the girls loved!
(Can you see me holding on to the back of Annie's jacket? She's so fearless I was afraid she'd throw herself overboard!)

Off to pick apples of her own from Poppa's tree. She see's sissy and Poppa way down there at the tree!

And we have to get EVERYTHING out when we visit. Everything!
The cat was in her glory with all of these little things to sniff around on and the girls had a blast with all of the "new" toys!

As nice as it is to get away, there is no place like home. I think our trees looked pretty beautiful this fall.

Apple Orchard

On Sunday morning we packed up and had bagels for breakfast at Aunt Laura's. We hit the road in search for an apple orchard. We all wanted to take some time to enjoy a fall treat, and the girls had been so good on all of those miles in the car. You can tell we've been in the car too much when this one starts doing cat tricks! She has this little box of cats that she loves, she was doing all sorts of funny things with them!


There was so much to do at this orchard. A sunflower maze, tractor ride, haybale ride out to the orchard to pick your own apples, apple sling shot, lunch with a cowboy singer, petting zoo, pony rides, and so much more!
Cody and Grace trying to hit a target!



So glad that we made the stop to enjoy this fun fall day.

Fall Trip to Minnesota

This post is super long overdue. I blame myself for forgetting my nice camera (which I was super bummed about because we were making Great Grandparent visits) and the pictures getting buried deep on my phone.

Over a long weekend we made a trip to Marshall and then on-ward to Springfield and finally to the Minneapolis area. We hadn't seen that side of the family for just about exactly a year. Last year, my cousin Lisa was married in Minneapolis and we were able to see everyone then. We hadn't been back that way since.

First was a stop in Springfield to see Great Grandpa Wally Bierman and Great Grandma Irma Bierman. Great Grandma has been in a (wonderful) home to take care of her for quite awhile now. Her health has been declining pretty rapidly over the last 6 months. We will see her again later this month when we go to Springfield for the Annual Bierman Family Christmas/Extravaganza.
 I love these with Annie and Great Grandma

Hello Great Grandma! We came all the way from South Dakota to visit you today!

 We didn't get to stay too long in Springfield as we had to get to Great Grandma Fran's birthday party in Minneapolis. Three girls crashed in the car - I'll let you guess who...
(Count that four total people if you count Poppa!)

Grandma Fran looks great. It's good to see her doing well and so happy where she is at. Honestly, I can say that she looks exactly the same as I remember her from a kid. This is the same gal that I took trips in the motorhome to Cutty's with. This is the same gal that I played mini-golf with there. She's the one who I remember going to the senior center in Jeffers with to do puzzles and have treats with. I have lots of memories with Grandma Fran. We're grateful she's doing well after having some health issues a few years ago.  
Aunt Linda, Aunt Laura, Mom, Uncle John, and Grandma Fran

ALL of Grandma Fran's GREAT grandchildren.
Addie, Matthew, Chase, Megan, Owen, Annie, Rachel, and Grace

Nearly all of Grandma's grandchildren.
Patrick, Emily, Becky, Katlyn, and Lisa. We're only missing Brendan who is away at college.

Afterward we went to my Aunt Laura's house in Edina. We all had a blast. The grown-ups were able to visit while the kids played inside and outside. We got to see Lisa and Brian's new house (which is so adorable) and the special surprise of the day was that Aunt Laura made her famous sugar cookies! The plan was to have everyone bring something - turns out everyone had a sweet tooth and all brought brownies! Thank goodness Laura planned a substantial BBQ for us!

I think we're always gathered and snuggled up on someone's sofa somewhere! 

Grace's highlight was spending time with her girl cousins. She loves that Megan and Rachel love on her when she's around. They are huge role models for my little girl, just like their mother and aunties were to me!

I have two more posts from this trip coming up - so hang with me while I play catch-up!