Monday, December 23, 2013

Family Hunting 2013

Pheasant hunting has been a tradition in Cody's family for as long as anyone in their family can remember. It's a time to enjoy good company, beautiful land, and the harvest season. While the bird numbers may have been down this year, the amount of fun, laughter and bonding shared during the season was not affected.

We always knew that Grace would enjoy this pastt ime with her Dad. Even though he's had just girls, it has been evident that while they might be out there in pink cameo and sequins, they'd be out there with their Dad. This was proven true this year, you can especially see it in one of the photos that you can see Grace's fingernails - painted bright red and girly as ever - but still enjoying hunting with her Daddy.

Grandpa Cecil and Grandma Marcella's house often serves as the "base" of the operations. There you can find a cozy place to rest your feet before or after the hunt, a sink and tools to clean the harvest, soda's and treats galore, and smiling faces greeting you upon arrival. It's the best kind of base for a hunting operation I've ever seen.

Think this face is excited to get out in the fields? I can't tell?

 How about this face? Think she's excited to spend the afternoon with her master?

Painted nails red nails, blaze orange and a root beer. Happy place for this blondie.

One of my favorite stories from this year was that Cody and Grace were walking a row, and Cody shot a rooster. He couldn't tell if Remi was after it, or if she didn't see it. He told Grace to stay put, and not move. He was going to try to chase down the rooster and he didn't want her getting ahead of the group. So Grace stayed and Cody took off. All of a sudden he heard Grace screaming his name....over and over. He didn't know what she was screaming about so he RAN back to her. What he found lit up his face. Remington indeed had seen the bird he shot and brought it to Grace! Grace was screaming for Cody because she was so surprised that Remi had retrieved the bird to her! She was delighted....and Cody certainly was too.

It was a fun weekend in the field for all of us. We were lucky that Grandma Michele was also there for the weekend with Kevin hunting. Grandma Marcella, Grandma Michele and Tina all stayed back at the "base" to hang out with Annie while we were in the field. A delightful day!

Christmas Program

Grace had her church Christmas program at the beginning of December. Great Grandma and Great Grandpa from Onida were able to come and watch her sing! It was a very cute program, and there were treats afterward too! I didn't snap a photo of the great grandparents with the kids - shoot! Will have to get some at Christmas.

Here's Grace and Anni before their program - sweeties!

Annie and I after the performance.

I love this one of Grace and her friends (and birthday buddy) Nick and Anni. 

It was a great performance by the kids - they did such a good job! Thanks again to Marcella and Cecil for coming - glad you could make it.

We just got back from FLORIDA on vacation with my parents. I have loads of photos to sort through, but can't wait to get them up here. For now I'm playing a little catch up from the month of December. I wish you all a beautifully Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

This week I was invited into Grace's classroom to make gingerbread houses! The teacher warned me that I would perhaps be helping several other students as well. Initially, I didn't think helping a handful of 6-7 year olds manage slathering frosting all of a cracker house and covering it with treats sounded all too appealing! :) (Just kidding of course!). And we had a great time together! 

The pictures tell this story!

Lots of little hands dipping into the frosting bowl. Does it look like they are using the frosting sticks they were given? Of course not!

I'm not sure if her tongue is out because she's concentrating, or if she's licking frosting off her lips.

So happy that I was able to make it to this event and spend time with Grace crafting this house! Her teacher is pregnant and due any day now, so we're hopeful that all goes smooth for Mrs. Allen and we'll surely miss her for a few months after Christmas break!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been awhile since I've been around on the blog. Sorry to those that check often for photos of the kids! November came and went so quickly it feels as though it didn't even happen. Between dealing with the federal government being shutdown in October effecting the National Parks (which made my job interesting promoting our state) and then not only preparing to go to New York City with the presidential mascots in conjunction with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but the drama that preluded it - it was an interesting month. Many of you may have seen the drama that was brought up with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and if you haven't - that's fine too and I'm not getting into it on here!

I arrived home in time for Thanksgiving, and we went to up Great Grandma Marcella's to meet the rest of the Richter gang. The whole crew was there! We had a great time spending time with everyone. I didn't get a lot of pictures as I was either helping in the kitchen, eating, or chasing a certain someone around the house. 

Richter Girls - Aunt Ashley, Aunt Lyndsey, and Grandma (Wiggle Grandma!)

Great Grandma and Grace (Cameron too if you count his half covered face)

The next pictures are some of my favorites from this whole fall. I love that Annie loves her Uncle Dean so much. He scooped her up and they enjoyed pie together. Well, actually, Dean enjoyed pie and Annie enjoyed the whipped cream. Love these photos. 

And while the whole crew was together we snapped some photos of everyone. Turned out pretty good!
And the great grandkids: 

Thanks everyone for the great time and we'll look forward to seeing you at Christmas! A big thanks to Great Grandma for hosting everyone and Wiggle Grandma for handling so much of the cooking. It was all very tasty!