Friday, November 1, 2013

Tricks and Treat from my Woodland Characters

So tricks mostly involve me trying any trick I can to get pictures of these two this year. Annie would no cooperate and sit or stand still for me to take a picture. So I used tricks like distractions of other children in costume to keep her stationary and sacrificed her not looking at me. Treats involve the HOARDS of candy and other good these two managed to swipe from the neighborhood and my office co-workers. Seriously. It's not going to be good for the scale for Cody and I.

Anyway - a few pictures to recap our Halloween festivities. We were able to make it to trick or trails at a local state park, trick or treat around the office, and then headed out with some friends in their neighborhood despite some crazy happenings in Pierre on Halloween night.

 (Above photos are when I stationed them to look at other kids!)

comfy right?

Superwoman, meet owl. Owl, be nice to superwoman please. 
We were lucky to trick-or-treat with this beautiful gang! Our friend Anni is the birthday cake. We get to get back into costume tonight to celebrate her 4th birthday party tonight at her house for a post-Halloween birthday shindig! We're excited
I love how half are super cute and excited here, the other half clearly are NOT. 

The evening involved a lot of darting to and from houses with moms playing "blockers" on the street. I was either A. stopping Annie from just inviting herself into someones house. B. hauling her around because she couldn't keep up. OR C. picking her up from out of the grass when she "kerplopped" about 15 times.

Hope you had a safe evening with lots of treats!