Monday, October 21, 2013

Uncle E

Uncle E visited us a few times in the last year. We were so happy to have him around! I believe in March was his first visit to Pierre since Annie has been around. Of course, both of the girls were simply enamored with him!

Who in the heck is this guy again?

He came back in July again for another visit! We were happy to have him around again for a night of fun with Les and Terry and Heather! Wish that Kerry would have been able to make it too, next time!

Thanks for visiting us Uncle E. Your shenanigans and hilarious stories always make us smile. You light up the room, and keep my kids entertained. Please stop by lots more, and seriously, we will make it to Omaha sometime soon to see you too.

Unfortunately I took nearly all of these photos with my phone, or they were from Eric's phone. Wish I would have gotten my nice camera out - I say that too much! I just need to keep it handy.

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