Monday, October 21, 2013

Sisters Share

It's not always that a mom can write that her daughters share really well with each other. However, I am one of those lucky Momma's who gets to write that (for now).

Annie is Grace's little blessing. Grace is a kid that thrives off of taking care of others. Annie is the little person that Grace has been waiting for. Grace is so kind, generous, caring, and full of a big heart that she loves to share with her sister. There are many things that Grace does that are just like any kid...but taking care of this little person in her life is just one of the things that she does exceptionally and shows me that she isn't like any other kid.

I allowed Grace to have a popsicle on this afternoon. As you can see we were just hanging around the house. Grace threw on her old dance recital costume and was just be-bopping around. Annie noticed she has something that looked good and wanted some. Here's how these sisters share:

Annie loves that Blondie. They are both pretty special little people.

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