Friday, October 4, 2013

Random Photos

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've been around on the blog. It's been a hectic month (what's new?) in the life of the Richter's. We had birthdays to celebrate, buffalo to round up, and films to watch at festivals. Oh, let's not forget a flat tire to change on the way home from Aberdeen. Exciting!

Cruisin' around Hildgers Gulch with Nana and Poppa, Annie, Grace and Mom!

Grace is going to flick the capitol over!
I love that we have such a beautiful setting to go on a walk in!

These were from when we were at Mom and Dad's back in August. 

We visited the Fischer's one evening! I can't believe that I used to babysit this beautiful girl when she was younger than Annie!

Gator Ride! Crazy Hair Don't Care!

 A couple random pictures of Annie and I.

She had another ear infection, coupled with teething and a rash appeared. Poor baby girl. She was cranky and miserable.
But she was soon recovered, and shopping makes everything better I've heard. So off we went. 

Grace was my rockstar helper in the kitchen a few evenings. We made bags of frozen stew and stew meat, froze peaches, tomatoes, and tomato basil soup! YUMMO! Can't wait to dive into all of that this winter. 

Just a few random things that we've been up to in the last month. A quick glimpse into our crazy house. It might be crazy, but it's just my kinda crazy and I love it.

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