Monday, October 28, 2013

Monkeys at the Park

While the boys are away, the girls will play! Cody headed out to the field last Saturday so we snuck up to the park just up the street from us. It was a pretty nice day! I had forgotten that the playground is covered in pea rock so Annie was fascinated with trying to get rocks in her mouth the entire time while clod-hopping through the piles of rock with her little legs and feet - she had lots of tumbles through the park!

This one was pretty excited to bring little sister up to the playground that she gets to play on every day at school. Likes to show her the ropes! AND she was able to successfully monkey bar across the entire set ALONE this day - a first for her! As you can tell, she was pretty excited about her achievement!

We're trying to soak up these last few days of fall that we have before the snow and wind come making it hard to enjoy the outdoors! 

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