Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

Grace wanted to carve pumpkins the moment Wal-Mart started putting them out to purchase, so that means after the 4th of July or something ridiculous like that. Really, she wanted to carve them in September for sure. That wasn't going to happen - tried explaining to her that we needed to keep them good until Halloween!

We promised we would carve them opening pheasant hunting weekend. Thankfully, our best neighbor Susie invited us over to carve pumpkins. I was thinking that we would bring our own pumpkins and a few goodies along. Well, after trekking the girls ALL THE WAY across the street, we discovered Susie had purchased a half dozen pumpkins, and put out a spread of food for us! Her father Roger, who just moved to Pierre, joined us along with her daughter Kelsey and grandson Dean.

It was a blast. So good to have a few extra hands around to help assist with a 6 year old who things she can pick up any old power tool and sharp object and go to town on carving her own pumpkin. Luckily, there were no injuries. And even luckier, we went home with very full bellies.

The kiddos post carving. Yes, this was the best picture. Annie wouldn't sit for anything, and Mr. Dean would have sat there all night if someone would have given him something to eat! :) 

That would be Grace's pumpkin in the front on the left. Sharpie markers seem to add to to the glow of the pumpkin, right?

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