Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Park Days

Grabbing a few photos off my phone to share here on the blog! We've spent quite a bit of time at the parks this summer. One day we biked over to the park. Threw both of the kids in the bike trailer, packed a lunch and away we went!
Let's just say Grace was thrilled that we let her get in back here with Annie.
And let's also say that my husband was less than thrilled with me when I offered that up to the 6 year old.
I quickly began hooking it up to his bike before he noticed that he was going to be haulin' the load. 

See, he's happy?!

Can you tell this girl doesn't drink much pop?!

It's oh so great to just get away from the house, forget about the chores inside and out, and forget that something needs to be planned to feed us! Just a simple get away to the park is often just what I need to unwind.

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